Two Vehicle Accident

On 9/13/2015 at approximately 6:01 p.m., the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a vehicle accident with no injuries located in the 4000 block of 360th St. A 1994 Chevrolet Caprice, driven by 33 yr. old Amanda Lynn Eickholt, was traveling east on 360th St and was approaching the intersection of 400th Ave. and was being followed by a vehicle driven by 54 yr. old Connie Lou Halfpop. As the Eickholt vehicle slowed to turn north onto 400th Avenue from 360th St, the Halfpop vehicle attempted to drive her vehicle around the Eickholt vehicle near or within the intersection. As the Halfpop vehicle attempted to go around the Eickholt vehicle, the Eickholt vehicle collided with the Halfpop vehicle.

Damage to the Halfpop vehicle was estimated at $2500.00. Damage to the Eickholt vehicle was estimated at $1000.00. As a result of the investigation into the accident, Halfpop was issued a citation for Passing too near an intersection. Again, there were no injuries reported from the accident.