Two Vehicle Accident

On 9/7/2013 at 2:47 p.m., the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office responded to an accident located at the intersection of South Brown St. and West Patterson St. in Graettinger. The accident involved a vehicle and an all-terrain vehicle or ATV. According to an investigation done on scene, it was determined that a green 2003 Kawasaki KFX400, owned and driven by 25 yr. old Joshua Noris Shryock, had entered the roadway on South Brown St. from an off-road trail located to the south and east of the roadway. As the Shryock vehicle entered South Brown St, it made contact with a vehicle owned by Brandon Joseph Tripp and driven by 28 yr. old Danielle Elizabeth Prendergast. The point of impact of the Shryock vehicle was located in the front to left portion of the ATV. The point of impact of the Tripp vehicle was to the front left bumper area of the vehicle.

No injuries were reported to authorities during the investigation. Damage to Tripp vehicle is estimated at $2000.00. Damage to the Shryock ATV is estimated at $500.00.

As a result of the investigation, Joshua Noris Shryock was issued a citation of Careless Operation in violation of Graettinger municipal code 75.05(8)(D). Shryock was cited and released to appear on the violation.