One Vehicle Accident

On 12-14-15 at approximatley 6:35 A.M. the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office was called to investigate a 1 vehicle accident that happened in the 5700 Block of 500th Street. Todd Allan Sifert of West Bend was east bound in a 2008 Chevy Silverado and as Sifert’s truck approached the bridge the passenger side tires entered approximately 6 inches of mud and water caused by the heavy rains. As the tires hit the mud and water the truck started to pull towards the bridge railing. The driver let off the gas and was able to steer the front end of the truck towards the middle of the road. As the truck continued through the bridge the rear passenger side tire caught the angle iron bridge rail, which caused damage to the rear of the truck. Damage to the truck was estimated at $3000.00. Damage to the bridge railing was estimated at $300.00. No injuries were reported. No citations issued due to the condition of the roadway.