Disorderly Conduct

As a result of an investigation at the scene of an accident that occurred on 7/18/2015 in the 4800 block of 380th St. by the Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office, three subjects are being charged with Disorderly Conduct in Violation of Iowa Code 723.4(1). The subjects being charged are: Danny Roy Albrant, age 54 of Emmetsburg, James Al Albrant, age 34 of Emmetsburg and Paul David Wilson, age 50 of Emmetsburg. The investigation discovered that an altercation did occur between Albrant, Albrant and Wilson. The altercation did result in injuries being received by more than one of the individuals involved.   Albrant, Albrant and Wilson were cited and released. All subjects were given a court date of 9/23/2015.