2018 & 2019 Stats

The Palo Alto County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the statistics for 2019 and has included the numbers for 2018 as a comparison. Not all activity is included, but the below data gives a snapshot of the activity for the Sheriff’s Office, Jail and Communication Center.

Many activities occur behind the scenes and not within the public’s eye. These activities consume large portions of the employee’s time and are considered a part of the daily work load. These activities are not listed below in the stats but include such things as gun permit investigations and issuance, sex offender registration and tracking, probation to the Sheriff compliance, receipt and distribution of monies collect on garnishments, Sheriff sales and fees, legal processing of deeds and vehicle abandonment procedures, interviews and investigations, security checks and general patrol in the county and incorporated towns, feeding, medication management and court process for inmates, observation of jail and courthouse security cameras/system, paging of fire, medical and law enforcement staff and documentation of such, entering arrest warrant and no contact orders into the National Crime Information Center, just to name a few.

Type Year 2019 2018
Calls for Service/Requests for Assistance 2686 2640
Transports, include inmate and mental health 138 200
Incidents Reports Generated 157 180
Civil Documents Served 657 850
Traffic Warnings Issued 888 632
Traffic Citations Issued 398 558
Accidents Investigated 139 115
Persons Arrested 273 266
Inmates Booked into Jail 299 299
Jail Days Served 1837 3180
911 Calls Received 2521 2563
Dispatch Complaints Generated 10794 10552